Claudiu Komartin


Claudiu Komartin was born in 1983 in Bucharest where he now lives as a poet, literary critic and translator. At the age of 20, he published the poetry book Păpușarul și alte insomnii [The Puppeteer and Other Sleep Disturbances] which received numerous awards. His subsequent poetry books Circul domestic [Home Circus, 2005] and Un anotimp în Berceni [One Season in Berceni, 2009] earned him further awards. Owing to the poetry book Und wir werden die Maschinen für uns weinen lassen [And We Will Let the Machines Cry in Our Stead] published in 2012 in the series tradukita poezio at the Edition Korrespondenzen for which the poems were selected by the author himself, Komartin’s poetry is for the first time available to the German audience.