Barbara Frischmuth

Children and Young Adults

Barbara Frischmuth was born in 1941 in Altaussee (Steiermark). She studied Turkish and Hungarian and from 1964 to 1967 Oriental Studies in Vienna. Lives as a freelance writer and translator in Altaussee. Major works: The Cloister School (1968); The Shadow Disappears in the Sun (novel, 1973); the trilogy: Mystifications of Sophie Silber (1976), Amy or the metamorphosis (1978) and Kai and the Love of Models (1979); the trilogy: Mistress of the Animals (1986), About the Circumstances (1987) and One-another Child (1990); Heart of a Witch (short stories, 1994); The Writing of a Friend (novel, 1998); Cinquefoil and Foxgloves. A literary gardening diary (1999) and The Secret and the Bizarre. Three lectures (1999). Numerous children’s books (most recently “Alice in Wonderland” adapted from Lewis Carroll), Radio and TV plays.