Ana Dimova


Ana Dimova, born in 1947 in Svilengrad, studied German in Sofia. In 1979 she gained her doctorate in the field of German and Comparative Linguistics at the University of Leipzig. In 2006 she qualified as a professor in the area of translation science. Ana Dimova is Professor of German Linguistics and Translation Science at Schumen University and teaches Literary Translation at Veliko Tarnovo University. Translations include: Karl Kraus (title of the English translation: Aphorisms and Essays), Joseph Roth (Die Kapuzinergruft (title of the English translation: The Emperor’s Tomb) and all short stories), Ernst Weiss (Der arme Verschwender) (title of the English translation: The Poor Squanderer), Christoph Ransmayr (Die letzte Welt) (title of the English translation: The Last World), Jan Assmann (Das kulturelle Gedächtnis) (title of the English translation: The Cultural Memory), Paul Celan (Die Niemandsrose) (title of the English translation: The No-One’s Rose), Haralampi G. Oroschakoff (Die Battenberg-Affäre) [The Battenberg Affair]