Was man von hier aus sehen kann

Mariana Leky

Publisher: DuMont


On a beautiful spring day, a small village in Western Germany wakes up to an omen: Selma has dreamed of an okapi. Someone is about to die. Luise, Selma’s granddaughter, looks on as the predictable characters of her small world begin acting strangely. Protesting that they are not superstitious, each of the villagers grapples with the buried secrets and deferred decisions that have suddenly become urgent in the face of death. A story about the absurdity of life and death, a bittersweet portrait of village life and the wider world that beckons beyond, it is also a thoughtful meditation on the way loss and love shape not just a person, but a community.

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  • Selma je sanjala o okapiju

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  Založba Vida, Ljubljana
    Translator:  Amalija Maček
    Country:  Slovenia
    Language:  Slovene