Vrakanjeto na kozite

North Macedonia

Luan Starova’s The Time of the Goats was published more than 15 years ago. In this volume, the novel is republished together with its sequel, The Return of the Goats. The first novel chronicles the events after World War II, when authorities, for bizarre reasons only they know, banned goat breeding in North Macedonia and hundreds of thousands of impoverished farmers left for the cities. The Return of the Goats speaks of a time when goats and freedom have long disappeared from the lives of modern humans. The image of the goat is a last reminder of a time when self-sufficiency and independence were still possible. Even in the title, Starova ironically refers to this melancholy truth. The Time of the Goats was translated into twenty languages and was named the best European novel in France in 1997.

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  • Povratak koza

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  TIM Press
    Translator:  Borislav Pavlovski
    Country:  Croatia
    Language:  Croatian