Vajza me Numer 67203


In 1944, the only 17-year-old Liria joined the Albanian partisans. Soon, she got captured by the German occupiers. First she was taken to Thessaloniki, later to Ravensbrück, where she was registered as the “girl with the number 67 203”. Half a year she did forced labour for the AEG in Berlin-Köpenick, before being liberated during a death march. After a stint in a repatriation camp in the Soviet Union she returned to her home country in the autumn of 1945. In Communist Albania, Liria Xhunga wrote down her memories, together with her husband Miro. Shorter accounts by other Albanian prisoners also form part of the book.

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  • Das Mädchen mit der Nummer 67 203. Albanische Partisaninnen im KZ Ravensbrück

    Year:  2021
    Publisher:  Metropol Verlag
    Translator:  Cord Pagenstecher
    Country:  Germany
    Language:  German