Traurige Freiheit

Friederike Gösweiner

Publisher: Droschl


A look at the interplay between the emotions of hope, resignation, and “just get cracking”, among the generation in their thirties. At first, one just wants to get on with it and move forward: In order to make it as a journalist in Berlin, Hannah is willing to be separated from Jakob. The move should kick-start her career but it only leads to a more precarious living situation, with Hannah questioning her life choices. That is, until she bumps into someone and takes heart. But what will this chance encounter lead to? This, as many other questions, remains unanswered. So this, then, is what freedom can also feel like: like an endless fall, never-hitting rock-bottom. Friederike Gösweiner constructs a profile of the new precariat and depicts their relationships and lives without stability and security, portraying a new “lost” generation.

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  • Тъжна свобода

    Year:  2020
    Publisher:  Ednorog
    Translator:  Sdravka Evstatieva
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian