Theorie der Unbildung

Konrad Paul Liessmann

Publisher: Büchergilde Gutenberg


What does the knowledge society truly know? Who will become a millionaire? Is it really the one who knows the most? Knowledge and education are, it is said, the most important resources of resource-poor Europe. And yet, debates about the poor quality of schools and study conditions, keyword Pisa!, have taken over the front pages these days. In his highly topical book, the Viennese philosopher Konrad Paul Liessmann exposes much of what is propagated under the term knowledge society as vapid rhetorical gestures: it is less about the idea of education than about tangible political and economic interests. A gripping polemic against the zeitgeist.

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  • Теорија на необразованието

    Publisher:  Templum, Skopje
    Translator:  Bisera Anastasova
    Country:  North Macedonia
    Language:  Macedonian