Tajna doline piramida

Emir Imamović

Publisher: Algoritam

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Dino Lostić lives if not a good, but stable life, between home, the pub and the betting shop ‒ until Amer Trampo, amateur archaelogist and Dino’s cousin, returns from the USA to Visoko, and discovers on the mountain of Visočica, or to be more precise, under it, no more and no less than a pyramid. The little town soon comes to life, at the weekend volunteers take part in excavation works, tour groups from all over Bosnia make pilgrimages to the mountain and even the pizzas assume the shape of a pyramid. This satirical, humorous novel is based on true events.

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  • E fshehta e Luginës së Piramidave

    Year:  2010
    Publisher:  Poeteka & Ideart, Tirana
    Translator:  Ben Andoni
    Country:  Albania
    Language:  Albanian
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