Rechtsphilosophie. Studienausgabe

Gustav Radbruch

Publisher: Quelle & Meyer


This volume encompasses Radbruch’s main work, his now classic Rechtsphilosophie [Philosophy of Law] from 1932, as well as three of his post-war texts: a previously unpublished draft for an epilogue to a planned new edition of Rechtsphilosophie, written around 1947, the leaflet Fünf Minuten Rechtsphilosophie and the influential essay Gesetzliches Unrecht und übergesetzliches Recht. The volume also includes editorial notes, an introduction to Radbruch’s philosophy of law by the editors as well as an extensive bibliography.

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  • Filozofija prava

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  Naklada breza
    Translator:  Božo Dujmović
    Country:  Croatia
    Language:  Croatian