Dražen Katunarić

Publisher: Leykam international


Franjo, a Zagreb lawyer, is increasingly suffering from the dwindling of his lucidity, the loss of his personality and the slackening of his grip on reality. His wife Ivan – she is a pianist – together with his daughter provide his anchor and mainstay in life, but even his relationships with them are increasingly eluding his grasp, until he finally physically attacks Ivana in a moment of madness, and drives her out of his life. Impoverished and isolated, the only connection he still has to the world is his love of music and the memories it brings back of happier times. And so, like Orpheus, he sets off in search of his lost beloved, where the threatening underworld turns out to be the reality of Zagreb in the final decade of the last century.

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  • Die Bettlerin

    Year:  2009
    Publisher:  Leykam International
    Translator:  Margit Jugo
    Country:  Austria
    Language:  German