Peter Holtz: Sein glückliches Leben erzählt von ihm selbst

Ingo Schulze

Publisher: S. Fischer


From orphan to millionaire: how could things go so terribly wrong? Peter Holtz wants happiness for everyone. Already as a child he practiced the abolition of money, invented punk drawing on the spirit of the workers’ songs and converted to Christianity. As a member of the CDU (East), he fights for a Christian-Communist democracy. But he wonders: the course of the world defies all logic. Market economy rewards his selflessness with wealth. Did he stand up for the wrong thing? Or for the right thing, but in the wrong way?

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  • Peter Holtz. Viata lui fericita povestita de el insusi

    Year:  2020
    Publisher:  Europress Group
    Translator:  Victor Scoradeţ
    Country:  Romania
    Language:  Romanian