Dita Zipfel

Publisher: Tulipan

Graphic Novel

Being a monster is no longer what it used to be. Monsta is frustrated: It chose a child as its victim, decided to live under its bed and scare it to death. But it was all for nothing! What happened? The monster filed its teeth, built monster masks, bristled, showed its fur, practiced monster looks, grunted, mumbled and hummed and showed its claws. It gnawed on the bedpost, squeaked with doors and hid the child’s dolls. It made its nostrils flare, hardened its muscles, cracked its bones. It snapped at the child’s legs and pulled away its blanket. And what of it? Nothing, absolutely nothing: the child snores, sleeps, grunts and even grins in its dreams. No trace of fear! It goes without saying that even a practiced monster runs out of ideas at some stage. A picture book for big and small monster fans!

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  • Pošastko

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  KUD Sodobnost, Ljubljana
    Country:  Slovenia
    Language:  Slovene