Michael Ende

Publisher: Thienemann Verlag

Children and Young Adults

Momo lives on the edge of a city in the ruins of an ampitheatre. She only owns what she finds or what she is given, and has an extraordinary gift: she always has time and is a wonderful listener. One day the Men in Grey appear on the scene. They have abandoned the valuable lifetime of humans and Momo is the only one who can stop them…

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  • Momo

    Genre:  Children and Young Adults
    Year:  2011
    Publisher:  Ikona
    Translator:  Zorica Nikolovska
    Country:  North Macedonia
    Language:  Macedonian
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  • Момоја

    Genre:  Children and Young Adults
    Year:  2013
    Publisher:  Botimet Dudaj
    Translator:  Sokol Mici
    Country:  Albania
    Language:  Albanian
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