Moja dota

Nora Verde

Publisher: OceanMore


Nela is just eight years old when her mother sends her alone from Split to the island of Korčula. Her beloved grandmother is waiting for her at the harbour. She never gets enough of her grandmother’s stories: for example, about her years in the El Shatt refugee camp in Egypt, when she had to flee from the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. As an adolescent, Nela is torn between the island and the big city, between her grandmother’s dialect and the standard, proper language. She becomes increasingly ashamed of her class background. And she discovers her sexuality. A novel with traces of Annie Ernaux and Edouard Louis.

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  • Mitgift

    Year:  2024
    Publisher:  Edition Converso
    Translator:  Marie Alpermann
    Country:  Germany
    Language:  German