Măcelăria Kennedy

Radu Țuculescu

Publisher: Polirom


In the small town of Untermond in Transylvania, the opening of a new shop is announced for Monday morning. Nothing special, were it not for its unusual name: “Kennedy Butcher’s”. But before the opening, a series of confusing happenings occur in the three days and nights leading up to the event. The reader encounters strange characters, wo are also lovable, funny, serious. Chubby angels, fireflies, red devils, vampire mosquitoes and storks who dream of a land where it rains frogs. And some in Untermond ask themselves the question, “Who is this Kennedy anyway?” The little angels shrug their shoulders, indifferent to the great problems of humanity … A burlesque novel with an ironic view of reality, with tragic and then immediately hilarious passages, a reading pleasure of the Romanian kind. Laughing is allowed.

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  • Metzgerei Kennedy

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  Mitteldeutscher Verlag
    Country:  Germany
    Language:  German
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