Lügen von gestern und heute

Publisher: dtv


Beba dreams of a career as a pianist, but works as a prostitute. After the war in her home country, she escaped poverty. She saves up for a piano and starts performing in a jazz club. Isa, a student, has dreams of her own. She wants to improve the world and falls in with a circle of left-wing activists. She and her comrades become increasingly militant in their support of the refugee movement. Meanwhile interior minister Otten’s utopias have long since given way to everyday political life. Under pressure to act swiftly and decisively, he has an illegal refugee camp cleared, unaware of what this decision will cost him. A novel about the longing to do the good and right thing, about three people who have to assert themselves and about how they realise with amazement who they really are.

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  • Лаги од вчера и денес

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  Goten, Skopje
    Translator:  Ksenija Čočkova
    Country:  North Macedonia
    Language:  Macedonian