Kleine deutsche Geschichte

Publisher: Reclam


The volume, which was expanded in 2006 by Konrad H. Jarausch to include a new chapter on the “Berlin Republic” and the immediate contemporary history after 1990, offers a complete and up-to-date overview of the entire German history: Early and High Middle Ages (6th-13th centuries), Late Middle Ages (mid-13th century to end of 15th century), from the Reformation to the Peace of Westphalia (end of 15th century to 1648 century), from the Peace of Westphalia to the Congress of Vienna (1648-1814), from the Congress of Vienna to the beginning of the First World War (1814-1914), the period of the World Wars (1914-1945), the partition and restoration of national unity (1945-1990) and the beginnings of the Berlin Republic (1990-2005).

Authors: Ulf Dirlmeier, Andreas Gestrich, Ulrich Herrmann, Ernst Hinrichs, Konrad H. Jarausch, Christoph Kleßmann, Jürgen Reulecke

Translators: Olivera Durbaba, Ljiljana Glišović, Života Ivanović, Zoran Jovanović, Časlav Koprivica, Jelena Tanasković

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