Između Nere i Karaša


The rivers Nera and Karaš delimit an area in south Banat that Dragan Aleksić calls his home. It is a lost home and Aleksić describes it with haunting beauty that make you believe that you can see, hear, and smell this gone world of yesterday. The childhood, young adulthood and the everyday family life were accompanied by poverty, humiliation, and alcoholism. But it is obvious: never again will the impressions be so strong, so defining, so unforgettable. Remembrance means making alive again, recording means writing down history.

Između Nere i Karaša [Between Nera and Karaš] by Dragan Aleksić has been translated to German by Mirjana Wittmann and Klaus Wittmann and published under the title Zwischen Nera und Karasch by Matthes & Seitz in Berlin.

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