Ermis Lafazanovski

Publisher: Magor


Hrapeško, an experienced wine-grower, lives somewhere in the region of Tikveš, at the time of the 19th century. Until one day he leaves the epicentre of the Balkans and goes on his travels, to the West and to the East. Far away from home he learns a new profession and becomes famous. Humorous and serious at the same time the author tells of Hrapeško’s fortunes and mishaps, of the art of creating and survival, of aspirations and dreams, of vitality and love, of the homeland and foreign countries.

The novel Храпешко [Hrapeško] by Ermis Lafazanovski has been translated by Borislav Pavlovski under the title Hrapeško, published by Novi Liber, Zagreb.

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  • Hrapeško

    Year:  2010
    Publisher:  Novi Liber
    Translator:  Borislav Pavlovski
    Language:  Kroatisch