Henrikes Dachgarten: Das Wunder auf der Krummen Sieben

Albert Wendt

Publisher: Jungbrunnen

Children and Young Adults

On the roof of the house at Krumme Gasse 7, two birch trees suddenly grow out of a piece of moss. And since there is already something started, more things are added: Slowly, a real roof garden emerges. Henne, a roofer, and Henrike, a twelve-year-old girl, haul soil, bring plants, and tend to the little patch of green. They are supported by two chimney sweeps, a mysterious giant with an iron hand, a roof walker, Henrike’s teacher and all kinds of mysterious forces. Ilse the duck builds a nest and hatches her young there. Everything seems peaceful, but appearances are deceptive – in the background, Mrs Hux is working to drive the people from the roof and restore order. She almost succeeds – but where many good forces work together, malice is powerless.

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  • Henrikin strešni vrt

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  KUD Sodobnost International
    Country:  Slovenia
    Language:  Slovene