Eine Woche voller Samstage

Children and Young Adults

Mr. Taschenbier is a fearful person. He is afraid of his landlady, his boss and generally of all people who scold and give orders. Until one Saturday a Sams crosses his path and decides without further ado to stay with him. The Sams is a fearless, almost disrespectful creature who is not intimidated by anything or anyone, who makes cheeky remarks all the time and talks back when others scold him. Mr. Taschenbier is terribly embarrassed at first and tries in all sorts of manners to get rid of the Sams. But strangely, the longer it stays with Mr. Taschenbier, the more attached he becomes. And in the end, the good, timid Mr. Taschenbier becomes a self-confident person who has learned to assert himself.

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