Michel Božiković

Publisher: J. G. Cotta’sche Buchhandlung


After splitting up from his girlfriend, the 19-year old Julien steals the car from her mother and takes a hellish road trip to fight on the front in the Croatian war. He wants to give his life some sense – or make an end to it. Years later, he gives an interview about this experience to the has-been journalist Martin, who is now going all in on his last chance to succeed as writer. A dark pilgrimage to ex-Yugoslavia. Julien goes to war even though everybody tries to talk him out of it. But against all odds, he wrestles through and becomes a sharpshooter in a reconnaissance unit. He learns to love and single-handedly tattoos the name of his love on his chests. The drug addict Martin has less luck. He just got dumped by Helene, the women of his life. Martin is completely run down, but still hopes for a breakthrough as a writer. That is why he wants to write down Julien’s story and bring it out with a bang.

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