Die Einschlafweltmeisterschaft der Tiere

Daniel Napp

Publisher: Sauerländer

Children and Young Adults

Every child can fall asleep! It’s that time again. Lars Lion, Emmi Croco and their friends are getting ready for this year’s World Sleeping Championship. Which of the participants can fall asleep first? And who will be able to relax and close their eyes amidst the noise of building sites, the freezing cold, a rollercoaster ride or the deepest, eerie darkness of a cave? An exciting competition in which everyone has their own tricks to find the necessary peace and quiet. A funny picture book story about the art of falling asleep quickly. You are encouraged to take part!

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  • Campionatul de somn al animalelor

    Year:  2024
    Publisher:  Editura Univers
    Translator:  Iulia Dromereschi
    Country:  Romania
    Language:  Romanian