Die Blechtrommel (The Tin Drum)

Günter Grass

Publisher: 1959


At the beginning of the 1950s, Oskar Matzerath is at a sanatorium and nursing home drumming and writing down the story of his life and family – from the beginning of the century to Adenauer’s Germany. He has seen and heard everything and nothing has escaped him, because he was a sensitive infant whose mental development was already complete at birth. This outsider, who can drum up reality and shatter glass, proves to be the only sane person in a world full of false appearances, lies and crime. With the publication of “The Tin Drum” in 1959, the German post-war novel became part of world literature and Oskar the Drummer gained his rightful place in modern mythology.

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  • Daullja prej llamarine

    Year:  2023
    Publisher:  ALBAS Publishing
    Translator:  Anrila Spahija
    Country:  Albania
    Language:  Albanian