Der Fliegenpalast

Walter Kappacher

Publisher: Residenz Verlag


August 1924: H. is on his way back home and makes a stop in Fusch, a bathing resort in the Salzburg Alps where he before the war spent many long summers with his parents. In the meantime, a lot had changed. His friends are gone, his fame is forgotten, and his art is in danger because of his delicate health and high sensitivity. Even in the remote Bad Fusch, the new times had found their way in, and he is only an observer, becoming a stranger even to himself. He faints during a walk and when he wakes up, he becomes acquainted with the young doctor Krakauer, a personal doctor of a baroness. He as well is coming back to a world he does not know. H. looks for a friendship but there is the baroness and there is the loneliness from which he can’t escape.

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