Das Zimmer

Andreas Maier

Publisher: Suhrkamp


With one leg he still stands in paradise, the delivery forceps made for that. He has remained a child, although he grew older, and he had to live in one way or another. He has become 30 and has the love of his life, a VW Variant type 3, which he drives through and around the blossoming rape fields. It is 1969, the year of the moon landing, and one still climbs stairs of old residential buildings turned into brothels around the train station. One day in the life of Uncle J. Torn between Luis Trenker, his fascination with Wehrmacht’s tanks and Frankfurt’s prostitutes, J. Becomes recognizable as a man that is beyond any connection with guilt, even in the most dubious situations. Someone who does not grab because he cannot do that at all, while everybody around him prepare themselves for the hopeless future as if it would be redemption.

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