Blaubart – Hoffnung der Frauen. Zehn Teatherstücke


This volume encompasses 10 plays of Dea Loher. The eponymous play Blaubart – Hoffnung der Frauen [Bluebird – Hope of Women] was written in 1997 in a workshop at the Residence Theatre in Munich with the director Andreas Kriegenburg. “Like the Munich Bluebird variation, all other plays of Dea Loher are tragedies – and are, which is today actually quite anachronistic, socio-critical. […] Dea Loher’s sparse, precise language protects her plays from being pathetic, which makes many well-intended contemporary plays to unbearable slush. Like a wily drawer, she uses one precise line and depicts much more character than a colossal painter would with a massive stroke with a brush” (Anke Dürr in Der Speiegel).