Anständiges Mädchen

North Macedonia

Lidija Dimkovska’s poems can be dramatic and perceptive, funny and serious at the same time. Nothing is too unimportant or unpoetic to spark a powerful image of association: a nail clipper, a soup cube or aloe vera are the unassuming starting points for Dimkovska’s ballad-like stories, which, told with irony, anger, pensiveness and humour, completely surprise the reader with their endings. But feminism, thoughts of suicide, the Russian Nobel prize laureate Joseph Brodsky, sex, or visions of the future, are all also fashioned into something blunt and very precisely captured by Dimkovska. In Anständiges Mädchen [Proper Girl], a selection of Dimkovska’s poems, as compiled by her, are presented to the German-speaking audience for the first time.

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