Anna nicht vergessen

Arno Geiger

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag


Lukas says goodbye to Berlin. Many things went awry there and so he spends his last night before going back to Vienna on a sofa bed of a deadbeat waitress. He is not able to wake her the next morning, and when the plumber rings, the young man suddenly finds a listener, whom he can tell of a completely different life, the life he would wish for himself and a true and happy love. Arno Geiger, who received the German literary prize in 2005 for his novel “We are doing well”, tells about love disasters and life dreams and about people, who don’t want to be forgotten in his new book – easy, linguistically brilliant and with great comedy.

The novel Anna nicht vergessen [Don’t Forget Anna] has been translated to Serbian by Jelena Petrović and published under the title Ne zaboraviti Anu by VBZ Beograd.

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  • Ne zaboraviti Anu

    Year:  2010
    Publisher:  VBZ Beograd
    Translator:  Jelena Petrović
    Language:  Serbisch