Groznovilca v Hudi Hosti

Jana Bauer

Publisher: Sodobnost International

Children and Young Adults

Something strange comes flying into the Wild Forest: A small patched up balloon with a teapot hanging from its strings in place of a basket. It gets tangled up in the thorns and branches and then, with a loud pop, the teapot’s lid jumps open and a little creature climbs out it, looking far from amused, looking angry indeed. It is dressed in a light summer dress with a hat on its head, through which horns stick out. Why, it is the Scary Fairy! The inhabitants of the Wild Forest have no idea what awaits them.

Groznovilca v Hudi Hosti (title of the English translation: Scary Fairy in Wicked Wood) by Jana Bauer has been translated into Croatian by Jagna Pogačnik and published under the title Strašna vila u Groznoj šumi by Algoritam in Zagreb.

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