Die Haushälterin

Jens Petersen

Publisher: DVA


After the death of the mother, father and son live alone in a Hamburg Wilhelminian style villa. The son is fifteen years old, the father is a nuclear physicist. When he becomes unemployed the household is neglected until the father is admitted to hospital after an accident and the son takes the initiative. He employs the Polish student Ada as housekeeper. The changes the situation in the house from scratch …

The novel Die Haushälterin [The Housekeeper] by Jens Petersen has been translated into Slovenian by Amalija Maček under the title Gospodinjska pomočnica, published by Založba Litera, Maribor.

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  • Gospodinjska pomočnica

    Year:  2010
    Publisher:  Založba Litera
    Translator:  Amalija Maček
    Language:  Slowenisch