Консорциум Alternus

Léa Cohen

Publisher: Riva


Bulgaria 1941: Thanks to an ingenuous plan Jules Calderon, an industrialist and Jew, succeeded in saving his company empire from compulsory purchase, agreed by pact with Hitler, by the state. With his son, his company officer and his lawyer he made it over to an anonymous international consortium called “Alternus”. He then commits suicide. However, neither the fascists nor later the communists are able to touch his fortune. Half a century later the Bulgarian secret service believe that they are at last tracking down the billions.  Léa Cohen has written an enthralling political thriller about an almost unbelievable, but authentic attempt at compulsory purchase.

The novel Консорциум Alternus [The Alternus Consortium] by Léa Cohen has been translated into German by Thomas Frahm and published under the title Das Calderon Imperium by Paul Zsolnay Verlag, Vienna.

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