Vladimir Cvetkoski

North Macedonia

Vladimir Cvetkoski, born in 1981 in Skopje, studied English Philology and British Cultural Studies (B.A.) and obtained a Master’s in Philology in 2009 at the University of Skopje. From 2003-2006 he worked as a translator at the company Image PR Productions. Since 2007 he has been Editorial Manager at the Makavej publishing company in Skopje, since 2010 he has also taught as an assistant professor at the International Balkan University. Vladimir Cvetkoski is an award-winning essayist and co-founder of the literary magazine Knizevno Zitie. He speaks English, Bulgarian, Spanish and Serbian and has translated works by Charles Bukowski, Kazuo Ishiguro, T.S. Eliot, Jacques Derrida, John Hutchins, Leopoldo García-Alas y Ureña, Stoyan Christowe, Dimitri Obolensky, Rudyard Kipling, Ezra Pound and Angel Wagenstein into Macedonian.