Tomislav Marković


Tomislav Marković, born in 1976, lives and works in Belgrade. He writes poetry, prose, essays, satire and journalistic texts. From 2008 to 2016 he was deputy editor-in-chief of the news portal e-novine. As a co-founder and editorial member of BETON, he published several books and in 2007, together with his colleagues, he received the Dušan Bogovac Award, given by the Independent Journalists’ Association of Serbia for professional courage and journalistic ethics. Tomislav Marković currently publishes columns on the portal antena M. As a resident scholar, he has been a guest in Sarajevo, Rijeka, Prishtina, Split and Pazin. Among his publications, the book Vreme smrti i razonode (2009) and his poetry collection Čovek zeva posle rata (2014) as well as the song lyrics for the stage play Ubiti Zorana Đinđića and the Belgrade alternative band Ah, Ahilej stand out. Translations of his texts have appeared in Albanian, Slovenian, German, English and Hungarian. Since 2016, Tomislav Marković has been an author of the publishing house Partizanska knjiga.