Toma Savica


Toma Savica, born in 1951 in Serbia, studied German Language and Literature in Belgrade and Berlin. In 1999 he qualified as a professor with his paper on the subject of translation theory and the Aesthetic of Reception (translations of Part 1 of Goethe’s ‘Faust’ into Serbian. Verse analysis). From 1994 to 1997 he was Assistant Professor of German Literature in the Department of German at the Philosophical Faculty in Novi Sad, from 1997 to 2005 he was an employee at the Ministry of Training and Education in the Republic of Serbia and from 2006 was Associate Professor of German Literature at the Philological Faculty at the University of Kragujevac. In 2004 he also took on the management of the Goethe Society in Belgrade. Toma Savica died in 2009. His most important translations include works by Werner Haftmann, Milan Ivanović, Bernhard Rupprecht/Max Hirmer, Wolfgang Eschker and Lothar Altmann.