Slobodanka Popovska

North Macedonia

Slobodanka Popovska, born in 1944 in Skopje, studied German in Skopje and Halle. Following the earthquake in1963 she lived in Switzerland for a year. Since 1968 she has worked as a librarian at the “St. Clement of Ohrid” National and University Library, where she has run the German Reading Room since 1994. Since 1978 Slobodanka Popovska has translated numerous books from German into Macedonian, including works by Erich Fromm, B. Traven, Hermann Hesse, Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, Ivo Frenzel, Sigmund Freud, Stefan Troebst, Ödön von Horvath, Arthur Schnitzler, Patrick Süskind, Max Frisch, David Šalamun, Elfriede Jelinek, Christa Wolf, Peter Sloterdijk, Theodor Mommsen, Pascal Mercier and Johan Peter Eckermann.