Monique Schwitter


Monique Schwitter was born in 1972 in Zurich and has been living in Hamburg since 2005. She studied acting and directing in Salzburg and went on to perform in Zurich, Frankfurt, Graz and Hamburg. Since 2002, she has been writing fiction and published her first volume of short stories, Wenn’s schneit beim Krokodil (If it snows, let’s meet at the crocodile) in 2005. She was awarded the Robert Walser Prize for the best literary debut of the year 2006 and the promotion award of the Swiss Schillerstiftung. In 2008, she published her novel Ohren haben keine Lider  and the play Himmels-W and, in 2011, Goldfischgedächtnis (Goldfish Memory), a collection of short stories. With her very successful novel Eins im Andern (One another, 2015) Schwitter was shortlisted for the German Book Prize and won both the Swiss Book Prize (2015) and one of the Swiss Prizes for Literature (2016).