Maksimiljan Fras


Maksimiljan Fras, born in 1976 in Maribor, firstly attended the Pedagogic Faculty and later the Philosophical Faculty of Maribor, where he acquired his Master’s degree in 2008 in History. He worked as a primary school teacher, archivist, librarian and project team worker. Maksimiljan Fras runs the company EPOS, which offers translation and proofreading services. He translates from German, English and Croatian and his writings include book reviews. His translations from German include short stories by Friedrich Dürrenmatt (Der TunnelDer HundDie Panne) (Title of the English translations: The Tunnel, The Dog, The Breakdown), Memoirs of Joschka Fischer [The Red-Green Years] and the book Gott, Geld und Gewissen [God, Money and Conscience) by Anselm Grün and Jochen Zeitz.