Edi Shukriu


Edi Shukriu, born in 1950 in Prizren, studied History and taught as a Professor for Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Prishtina. She is also Vice-President of the Kosovan P.E.N. Centre and Chairman of the Kosovo Council for Cultural Heritage (KCCH). She is the first Kosovan woman to have published a volume of poetry in the Albanian language. Edi Shukriu has also contributed to the democratic processes and independence of Kosovo through her political activity. She set up the Women’s Forum of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), was a Member of Parliament, Vice- Foreign Minister, Co-Director of the UNMIK Department for Culture and Co-Founder of the reform-oriented party, the Democratic Alternative of Kosovo. She received the “Gani Bobi” Science Prize for her book Dardania protourbane (1996) and the Prize of the Kosovan Writers’ Association for her volume of poetry, Nënqielli (1990).