Dana Verescu


Dana Verescu, born in 1973 in Romania, studied Psychology in Bucharest and in 1998 acquired the title Master of Arts in American Cultural Studies. From 2003 to 2007 he translated five books by Carl Gustav Jung (Die Archetypen und das kollektive Unbewusste, Psychopathologie der sogenannten okkulten Phänomena, Psychogenese der Geisteskrankheiten, Mysterium Coniunctionis ‒ Band I und III)[The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, The Psychopathology of the So-called Occult Phenomena, the Psychogenesis of Mental Illnesses, The Mystery of the Coniunctio, Volumes I and III], as well as works by Wolfgang Mertens (Einführung in die psychoanalytische Therapie ‒ Band I und II)[Introduction to Psychoanalytical Therapy, Volumes I and II]. Since May 2007 she has been co-ordinator of the psychology series of the Nemira publishing company, where she also works as a translator. She has translated books by Gregory Berns, Cordelia Fine, Shere Hite, Philip Zimbardo, Eric G. Wilson and Alice Miller for Nemira.