Cornelia Marks


Cornelia Marks, born in 1969 in Erfurt, studied Slavonic and German at Martin Luther University Hall-Wittenberg, with one semester at Kyrill and Method University in Skopje, Macedonian Republic. She has been translating lyrics and prose from Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and Macedonian since 2003. She has lived and worked in Halle/Saale as a freelance literary translator, editor, and language mediator at the Psychosocial Centre for Migrants in Saxony-Anhalt (PSZ) since 2007. To date, she has translated texts by Mile Stojić, Hadžem Hajdarević, Stevan Tontić, Faruk Šehić, Ferida Duraković, Amir Brka, Miloš Crnjanski, Branko Miljković, Gordana Ćirjanić, Borislav Radović and others into German. The volume of poems Promotivni spot za Moju domovinu by the Bosnian author Adisa Bašić, published in Cornelia Marks’ translation in a bilingual edition by Wieser in 2012 under the German title Ein Werbespot für meine Heimat [A Commercial for my Country], was awarded the “Bank Austria Literaris 2012” literary prize.

She has translated the poetry anthology Land, das es nicht gibt [A Country That Does not Exist], together with the author André Schinkel, who has assisted her in the adaptation of Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian lyrics since 2001.