Arif Demolli

Children and Young Adults

Arif Demolli, born in 1949 in Murrizaja, is one of the most well-known Kosovan authors. He studied Albanian Language and Literature in Pristhina. He was arrested during the student protests in 1981 and after his release was given a complete ban on working. In 1990 he started working again and worked for the cultural journal Fjala, of which he was Chief Editor at times. He later became Chief Editor of the children’s journal Pionieri. Arif Demolli now runs the teaching materials sector in the Ministry of Education of Kosovo. In 1993 he received the Prize of the Kosovan Writers’ Association for Të gjallët dhe të vdekurit e një fëmijërie. In 2004 he was awarded the Kosovan Prize for Children’s Books and Books for Young People.